Vatten Brews Brewing Consulting - VOSKEVAZ SINCE 1932

Vanakan Red Dry, Non Vintage

Grape varieties: Haghtanak, Kakhet, Areni Noir. Alcohol: 12.5%

  •   This elegant wine is an assemblage of several successful vintages. A perfect balance, fine bouquet and great potential for aging were sought for creation of Vanakan. The aroma is dominated by composition of red berries, plum, leather and creamy hints. Harmonious taste of fruits accompanied by mature, silky tannins and long lasting aftertaste. Aged in new local Armenian oak barrels for 12-24 months.

  •   Ideally decanted for half an hour and served at 20°C. Recommended to pair with steaks, cured ham and hard cheeses. VOSKEVAZ WINERY Voskevaz Winery creates unique high-quality Armenian wines, combining winemaking traditions and innovations. The winery is located in Aragatsotn region of Armenia in the village by the same name, “Voskevaz,” near the foothills area of Aragats Mountain.

  •   Voskevaz Winery-was founded in-19324 With all of the modern innovations, it still has carefully preserved much of its‘authentic/elements including the)buildings, and most importantly, the unique, ancient karases - clay amphoraes.

  •  Yow will easily find the right wine for you in the large assortment of wines that Voskevaz Winery offers: young or aged red and white assemblages, exquisite dessert wines and limited series of unique monovarietal wines for true connoisseurs. Voskevaz Winery proudly carries on the wonderful tradition of winemaking passed down to us through millennia:.