• 2018 - Vatten Brews Pvt Ltd
  • 2016 - Brewmaster in Kasinka, Russia
  • 2014 – 2015 - Brewmaster in Vladimir, Russia
  • 2013 - Employee at nationalpark bavarian forest
  • 2011 – 2012 - Kurfürstliche Weyberbräu ltd, Sailauf, Brewer
  • 2008 - 2010 - Linder-Bräu, Bad Kötzting, Brewer
  • 1996 - 2007 - Kai-Wei-Brauhaus, Wuhan, China, Brewmaster
  • 1995 - 1996 - Microbrewery Hans-Bier, Harbin, China
  • 1994 - Grünerbrauerei, Bad Tölz, Bavaria, Brewer
  • 1993 - Ulmenbräu, Gütersloh, Germany, Brewer
  • 1987 - 1993 - Löwenbräu München, Bavaria, Brewer
  • 1982 - 1987 - Klosterbrauerei Indersdorf, Bavaria, Brewer
  • 1979 - 1981 - Paulaner Brauerei AG, München, Brewer


  • Brewery management of a Brewery project and planning .
  • Creations of new beers , craft beer Service and customer care .
  • Opening and introduction of new Brewery .
  • Raw materials Planning.
  • Standard Operation and maintenance of Brewery.



From 2015 – Current (India)
  • Byg Brewsky, Hennur (Brewing Capacity 1000HL/month)

  • Big Brewski, Sarjapur (Brewing Capacity 400HL/month)

  • Barrel, Mumbai (Brewing Capacity 200HL/month)

  • Heartcup, Jubillee hills (Brewing Capacity 200HL/month)

  • Heartcup, Kondapur (Brewing Capacity 250HL/month)

  • Brahma, Bangalore (Brewing Capacity 300HL/month)

3 monkeys brewpub: 2013-2015 (India)
  • Setup a full brewery all part includes.

  • Establish quality and work safety programs.

  • Research and development for new lines of products.

  • Training employees on complete brewing process.

  • Rebuild some part of the equipment to increase the capacity by 20% net.

  • Redaction of Standard Operation Procedures.

  • Set up quality programs.

  • function: Master brewer and consultant.

  • (Brewing capacity 2014: 550 barrels, 2015: 1000 barrels)
Microbrasserie Pit Caribou: 2010-2012 (Canada)
  • Establish quality and work safety programs

  • Winner of silver medal for porter in Canadian brewing award in most big inscription year.

  • Research and development for new lines of products

  • Set up barrel aging and wild yeast programs

  • Support facility enlargement in order to increase by tenfold the production

  • Training employees on complete brewing process

  • Optimize equipments and procedures

  • Redaction of Standard Operation Procedures

  • Function Master Brewer and consultant.

  • (Brewing capacity 2010: 950 barrels 2011: 1400 barrels 2012: 2400 barrels up to date: 7000 barrels /year)
Oxymor: 2011 (Canada)
  • Develop a new brand as experiment

  • Create a line of products using malts designed according to personal criteria

  • Design recipes using unconventional ingredients, techniques and process

  • (Brewed volume 50 barrels)
Microbrasserie le Naufrageur: 2009-2010 (Canada)
  • Set up quality programs

  • Research and development for new lines of products and uses of wild yeast

  • Support facility enlargement in order to double production

  • Head brewer (7-10 brews/week)

  • (Brewing capacity 2009: 550 barrels, 2010: 1300 barrels)
Microbrasserie St-Arnould: 2008-2009 (Canada)
  • Responsible for filtration and product conditioning

  • Sale representative for Montréal and Lauren tides area

  • Deliveryman for Québec’s province.

  • Function: Technician in QC


Equipment cleaning and maintenance:
  • Install passivation programs (strengthening and preserving the characteristics of stainless steel)

  • Develop and set up complete maintenance programs and logbooks

  • Expertise in pasteurisation

Research and development:
  • Design main stream and avant-garde stable recipes

  • Set up barrel aging and wild yeast programs

  • Set up research and development program eligible for Canadian tax credit

Quality program and traceability:
  • Set up AMBQ (Association des Microbrasserie du Québec) program

  • Implement customized procedures in compliance to additional standards

  • Triangular test

  • Accelerated aging process to establish relative stability

  • Set up and customize traceability programs

  • Redaction of standard operation procedures

Start up and enlargement counselling:
  • Negociate, set up and collaborate to develop equipements and construction plans for breweries and wineries

  • Trainer : Brewer, assistant-brewer, filter operator, laboratory assistant

Brewing ingredients:
  • Optimize extraction rate around 95 to 100% of carbohydrates by efficiently adjusting the mills.

  • Mastering polyphenols, proteins and tannins rate in addition to other critical steps directly related to brewing

  • Expertise with local malt companies and hops and spice growers.

  • Adapting process according to salts and minerals present in water to refine flavors

Yeast and bacteria:
  • Yeast propagation

  • Testing yeast’s vitality and viability

  • Testing HLP and wild yeast identification

  • Gram coloration

  • Cell counting with a hematimeter

  • Knowledge of a large variety of yeasts and bacteria

Filtration, conditioning, bottling and kegging::
  • Master linear flow in order to ensure the accurate filtering grade

  • Uses of different type of filters ( Diatomaceous Earth, cartridges, plates and sheets and tangential)

  • Attenuation of sugars and yeasts for bottles and kegs refermentation

  • Refermentation control by selecting the type of yeasts, temperature and duration

  • Conditionning by forced carbonatation

  • Uses of different equipments such as Zahm and Nagel to test CO2 and air retention

  • Understanding various automatic filling line systems



Graduated 1991 Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical Technology South Australian Institute of Technology (now University of South Australia)
Awarded 2002 Diploma of Brewing Institute of Brewing and Distilling (previously IOB, IGB) (London based education, research and charity organisation incorporating the Guild)
Employment Experience.
1) Brewing Lecturer- Regency institute of TAFF Regency Park, SA

Teach Brewing theory & skills. Establish and Operate Campus Brewery. Teach Microbiology & Engineering to Adelaide University degree and TA FE diploma students .

2) Company Director, Technical Consultant-Nelsen Brewing Services Pty Ltd Norton Summit, SA

Self Employed Brewing consultant. Design, construct and commission Microbroweries, develop products. Including Mildura Brewery Head Brewer; approx.3 years. All facets and activites of brewing industry, from sourcing equipment and raw materials through to packaging.

3) Founder & Company Director - Fresh Cellars Pty Ltd. trading as BREWBOYS Croydon Park, SA

Craft beer brand creator. Production, Marketing& Sales of award winning range or beverages

4) Brewer - Gunn Island Brew Bar (ALH, part of Fosters group) Middle Park, Melbourne.

Manage & operate microbrewery. Design & produce house beers. Conduct brewery tours. Promote draught beer. Assist venue operations.

5) Brewer - Port Dock Brewer Hotel Port Dock Brewer Howl

Manage & operate microbrewery. Create recipes, produce, package & dispense quality beers. Maintain Cellar & Dispense equipment. Conduct promotional activites. Manage hotel on shift basis.
Current Activites
In between running a consultancy business spanning three states and lecturing at TA FE, I grow and sell hop rhizomes. I am an active member of the Institute and Guild of Brewing and Distilling, Asia Pacific section and secretary of the newly formed SAMBA, South Australian Microbrewers Association, Frequently I am called upon to judge various beer competitions, such as the Australian international Beer Awards (#2 worldwide), Royal Adelaide Beer Show, ANAWBS, SSA BSOSA and regional shows. I have recently been appointed South Australia's Ambassador for the global Beer Academy.
Mildura Theatre Brewery
Attached to the Grand Hotel and housed in the glorious former Astor Theatre, the Mildura Brewery is a regional sized operation with its own brand and contract brewing facilities. I was engaged by Brian Watson to oversee the commissioning of the brewhouse and product development. I became the first Head brewer, reporting directly to the owner, Mr Don Carrazza. In my three year tenure, the brewery produced over a million litres of beer, gained national distributorship of its 4 core products and released numerous seasonal and Specialty brews, and won many international awards. I was also responsible for managing, a small casual team of production staff, all logistical, administrative and excise matters, and engaged in promotional activities.
Gunn Island
Established in 2001 in. the gutted and refitted Middle Park Hotel, The Gunn was a CUB project aimed Al promoting draught beer and educating the emerging market in the flavours and virtues of fresh beer. I was engaged before commissioning of the plant to research and develop products, conduct all production tasks, maintain the appearance, efficiency and safety of the microbrewery, housed in a glass bubble' in the centre of the bar. I became the public face of pub-brewing for a short while in Victoria thanks to the enormous PR resources of Fosters Group.
The Port Dock
I faced the daunting task of re-starting the defunct extract microbrewery; to immediately reproduce beers without recipes or records, and no stock on hand. Sales of the three original top-fermented ales increased dramatically due to my reformulations and quality improvements. I introduced a novel fourth product, which won Grand Champion Stout and is now widely sought after. I frequently entertained patrons with a tour of the brewing operations and the historic cellars. I was responsible for timely production, excise clearing, and tapping all of our beers, as well as efficient dispense of eight other commercial products. I regularly held beer-tasting nights, introducing people to the world's variety or brews. I was entrusted with supervising the hotel opening and closing, and maintaining beer lines.
Engaged initially as a contract Laboratory Assistant, I was involved with daily production at the Southwark Brewery for year and a half for the South Australian Brewing Co. and Lion Nathan, principally as shift quality control technician, reporting to the Laboratory Manager, Brewing Manager and Team Leaders. My work covered quality assurance from raw materials received to samples from trade, including tasting. Using recognised methods and modern equipment, l tested malts, water, wort. beers. Additives and cleaning chemicals against company specifications. I became responsible for training shift workers in routine analysis, to replace qualified analysts, amongst many other tasks and projects assigned to me. Tony Jones, phone (08) 8354 8728, Chief Brewer at SAB, will vouch for my performance and character.
Study Trip
At my own expense. I made an extensive study trip of the brewing countries of Europe over nine months in 1998. My aim was to experience brewing on a small commercial scale, of a capacity between 5 and 50 HL. During my travels, I participated in brewing at a dozen microbreweries in Britain, and visited more than thirty in the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands. In October 1998, 1 undertook the Bavarian Brewing Technology short course at Doemens in Munich, Germany. This is an intensive and thorough course, essentially a condensed 6 week course for experienced postgraduate brewers. It covered brewing materials, equipment and methods for production of European styles, such as Weizen, Doppelbock, and Pilsener. It included boots-on in-house brewing, fermentation, filtration and packaging of wheat beer conforming to Reinheitsgebot stipulations, as well as excursions to small breweries, hop merchants, mallsters and outlets. The century old Doemens brewing academy is affiliated with Siebels of Chicago.
My life's ambition is to make a significant contribution to the quality of beer in general, through my personal learning and research, inspiring and educating key individuals, stimulating the appreciation of good beer in my community, and leaving a legacy of benefits of my work for the brewers of the future. I take pride in seeing the pleasure l give people through my products and sharing my growing wisdom, and I have built a public profile and reputation for brewing consistently excellent lagers and real ales of critical acclaim, as well as a widespread respect as a dynamic brewing educator.