Complete Project Implementation Till Start Up and Production Assistance.

  •   Planning & start-up

  •   Preparation of investment masterplans

  •   Conceptual, basic and detailed design

  •   Installation and commissioning to start-up

  •   Installation of a state-of-the-art Greenfield brewery

  •   Managing multi-cultural construction

  •   Equipment acquisition and installation

  •   Involve developing, testing and producing   new recipes

  •   HACCP, certifications, KPI’s improvement

  •   Due diligence, expertise, audits

Vatten Brewing Consulting Sets Up Personal Development Plans For Each Team Member Of Your Brewery

  •   Manage Health and Safety committee

  •   Sign off training of team, both statutory and functional

  •   Focus on achieving production while maintaining the high quality standards

  •   Review of all products quality metrics

  •   Project Management of key projects to site

  •   Support Technical Manager in commissioning all process projects

  •   Facilitate training of all new plant operators to site and general upskilling of existing employees

  •   Apply Production Quality Standards

  •   Products Brand Technical Manuals

  •   Guideline development of Products Brand Technical Manuals

  •   Develop Annual Quality Improvement plans

  •   Set success criteria for all new innovations and renovations

  •   Lead laboratory team in all aspects of sensory, microbiology and analytical chemistry for all products

  •   Responsibility for all process, including quality parameters, process control, plant efficient and production targets

Vatten Brewing Consulting Gives a Detailled and Global Standardization Of Operations Including

  •   Raw materials management

  •  All process control

  •   Beer packaging operations,

  •   Process and quality control (Microbiology, Sensory and Analytical Chemistry)

  •   Procurement strategy and site Key Performance Indicators

  •   Benchmarking industry best practice across production, packaging and quality operations

  •   Development of Global Management System to brewing Standards

  •   Integration of Technical Programme into Lean Manufacturing Processes

  •   Cultural Change Management

  •   Developing benchmark for Global Supply for process control standardisation.

  •   Overall process ownership from raw intake to Packaging Plant

  •  Responsibility for all process, including quality parameters, rocess control, plant efficient and production targets

  •   Sign off all plant operators training across the brewery

Training & Human Resources

Vatten Brewing Consulting helps breweries find the best team members in all roles for their brewery and covers all aspects of staffing, including recruiting, training, organizational structure and creating brewery-specific human resource to ensure clarity and transparency in decision-making.

Report And Results

  •   Analytical, microbiological testing

  •  Taste profiling results

  •  Scorecard of taste

  •   Lab analysis

  •   Process results

  •   Test brews

  •   Sensory evaluation