Vatten Brews Brewing Consulting - ARARAT BRANDY


Legendary Armenian brandy ARARAT is:

  •   Unique variety of grapes from the Ararat valley.

  •   High-quality brandy spirits.

  •   Ageing in centuries-old Caucasian oak barrels

  • ARARAT brandy is a hand-made drink created through the work of hundreds of masters of the Yerevan Brandy Company.
  •  It is only bottled at the Yerevan Brandy Company in original glass bottles with distinguishing features.

  •  Only premium quality brandies are used for blending, only spring water from the Katnaghbyur source can be added

  •  Is aged in centuries-old Caucasian oak casks, assembled by hand in the factory's own workshop.

  •  Is created from the thinnest brandy heart fraction, obtained from double steam distillation.

  •  Is produced exclusively using local Armenian grapes, grown in Ararat Valley, Tavush region.

Seal of quality :

  •   Distinguishing features of ARARAT brandies confirming the origin, quality and authenticity of the drink.


  •   Since 1998, the Yerevan Brandy Company has been a part of the international company Pernod Ricard. Apart from being one of the world's leading spirits companies, what does Pernod Ricard stand for? Development of a responsible drinking culture. Care for the environment. Responsibility towards customers, partners, investors and, of course, consumers. Pernod Ricard Group is a company that cares.

    ARARAT Museum and other companies within the Pernod Ricard group carry on a long-standing tradition of dedication to responsible drinking.

  • Through a broad range of initiatives, often in partnership with a wide range of organizations, including industry associations, regulators and representatives of public authorities, Pernod Ricard and its affiliates are deeply committed to promoting responsible drinking and discouraging misuse of our products.