Vatten Brews Brewing Consulting

  •   Is able to offer individual solutions for your brewery project.

  •   Is a team of the most talented, experienced brewery consultants and experts.

  •   Works closely with your engineers to develop a brewery whose size can meet estimated sales volumes and whose layout is designed for optimal material and process flow by building an entirely new brewery or modifying an existing one

  •   Advice in brewery equipment (process, packaging, utility and supporting) and supplies (ingredients, packaging materials, and others) selection and procurement, including evaluation of suppliers proposals and negotiation of final purchase agreements.


Detailed Analysis.

Margin analysis, Cost of Goods Sold, EBITDA, cost per hectoliter , Investment analysis, Business plan.

Sales Strategy.

Market strategy for sales , Distributor selection, Training requirements, Local retailer relationships.

Supply Chain.

Distribution, Procurement, Inventory Management.

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